Simply Vanilla

February 2, 2020 Food, Home, Life

With a little bit of spice.

I've really taken a liking to this baking thing. It satisfies my Type A love for specifics and my Type B love for a bit of mess and creativity. Em loves vanilla cake so I wanted to make one for him, but the last recipe I found involved a lot of steps and was much too compilicated. Not to mention I did something called "over creaming" the batter which was a royal pain in the ass.

Since I've fully healed from my first vanilla cake attempt, I thought I'd take another stab and try a simple batter recipe where there was no creaming at all. It also called for greek yogurt instead of buttermilk and sugaring the pan instead of flouring (highly recommend it). I followed the steps pretty specifically, added a sprinkle of cinnamon, and lo and behold.... the perfect Vanilla Cake!

Only one little slice of this baby was consumed before my ninja pups, Bernie and Star, took it upon themselves to finish the rest of it. I took it as a compliment that my baking aint half bad ;)

Here's some photos I managed to snap of this pretty little thing before it was devoured and check the link below if you want to try the recipe!

Have a lovely week!


Simple Vanilla Cake: