Brand Assembly: Good Times and Good Conversations

December 4, 2019 Event, Entrepreneurs, Women, Creative, Food

It's inspiring to be in a room full of creatives, especially when those creatives are women.

During the holiday season I was asked to photograph an event hosted by Brand Assembly at Zadie's Oyster Room on the LES of Manhattan. Brand Assembly is a business platform and community built to accelerate fashion and lifestyle brands. I've always been a sucker for good branding so getting the opportunity to photograph this company was both extremely exciting and enlightening. Zadie's was a warm little spot lit with deep red bulbs and subtle hints of candle flicker. The room buzzed with confident and unique females conversing about everything from market strategies, to color theory, to engagement announcements and due dates. The lovely staff kept the wine flowing and the oysters shucked as founders Hillary and Adele made a toast to the success in the room. It was special, and really freakin powerful. As I wrapped up the night I felt uplifted - I actually felt kind of high, as if I was floating. It's incredible what creative energy can do to perspective. It makes dreams realities, and possibilities endless.

Here's a few of my favorite shots from that night

Hope you enjoy!