Beers by The Pond and Sorbet Skies

August 27, 2019 Life

As I said in my last post... summer is flying. By the time August hits, three months feels like 3 weeks - how come winter can’t go that fast? Just kidding, seasons are a gift - also kidding, winter in NY is a true test of sanity :)

ANYWHO in all honesty I am now 29 and someone should have told me that everything (especially my summer) was going to change. By everything I mean your time is going to have a different kind of value - It’s going to be more precious than you could have ever understood. My life has felt like one big to-do list since 2016 and although I thoroughly enjoy the pursuit towards my rose colored future, I do sometimes crave simply sniffing the roses.

A few weekends ago I didn’t sniff any flowers but I did find myself near a pond. It just so happens that two of my best friends own this pond. When I’m not stressing out about a career path or planning the next step with Emmett, I really try to take a good hard look at the things I do have. My family, my friends, my dog, and my partner. These are the things that make all this “future” shit possible and quite frankly, these are the things that make the obligations easier to get through. Although the day by the pond was not long, and everyone was back to work the next day, there was something very important and special about the way it was spent. We were present. There was no reason, no job, no agenda. Just some friends and their dogs hanging by the pond, drinking beer, and watching sorbet colored rainstorms. It was wonderful, very much needed, and the perfect symbol of how lucky I am to live this busy, crazy, meaningful life.